M&T Bank Launches Hunt For Purple Scavenger Hunt

Via PressBox Online

It has been quiet at M&T Bank Stadium for much of the year, and withoutfans in the stadium, it has also been difficult for fans to show off their Ravens Flock fandom on game days. However, even with all the restrictions, M&T Bank knows how deep the Purple Pride runs and has created a digital scavenger hunt — Hunt for Purple — to give back to the most loyal fans in the Flock.

“M&T Bank has always appreciated the passion that Ravens fans have, and we wanted to create the M&T Bank Hunt for Purple Scavenger Hunt to provide anopportunity for fans to show off and be rewarded for that fandom during these unprecedented times,” said Jan Liebchen, M&T Bank Group Head of Sponsorships.

The M&T Bank Hunt for Purple Scavenger Hunt will run until Jan. 3, 2021. It consists of three different weekly challenges, where fans can share selfies of themselves in their Ravens swag, test their Ravens trivia knowledge and visit their favorite M&T Bank branch. Each week, one random fan will be selected to win a $100 NFLshop.com gift card. Fans who complete all three weekly challenges will be entered into a grand prize sweepstakes to win the $500 NFLshop.com gift card.

“There is a sense of community when attending a game at M&T Bank Stadium, and even though it can be hard to replicate that virtually, allowing fans to share selfies and show off their Ravens knowledge is one way we hope the Flock can stay connected,” Liebchen said.

Don’t miss your chance to compete in the M&T Bank Hunt for Purple Scavenger Hunt! Head to huntforpurple.com.

Photos provided by the Baltimore Ravens